Unified Payment System for AltCoins

iBT Pay System

The iBTPAY payment system is nothing but a platform of internal and external financial transactions to be processed at minimum per transaction fee worldwide


High Limits + Speed + Secure + Freedom


We connect cryptocurrency's projects to the trading world


Manage your capital inside the cabinet safely

Wide choose

Individual approach and complete customization


Fast payments and no problems

High limits

High limits for replenishment and expenditure

Convenient interface for any device and from anywhere in the world

Currently supported currencies

To get support for your Crypto-currency, make a partnership

Payment Gateway

  • Online Shop API
  • Realtime
  • Easy implementation
  • Secure technology
  • Payment in BTC/ETH
  • Payout in EUR/USD

iBT Pay System for business

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The system is a unique product that has no analogues in the world. And there are reasons for this! This is not just a system that operates with key hard currencies. iBTPAY is that system which consolidates all functions of an on line bank, a multi-currency wallet, a currency exchange tool which works with alt-currencies in one cabinet to be customised, to be set as a mobile application and much more.
No per transaction fees for all internal transactions make it possible to transfer funds among system users and to benefit vs doing the same with “old fashion” Western Union, Money Gram etc. Why to pay more If you can transfer funds to friends or pay for goods in a flash with no fee?!
iBTPAY applies the API of leading alt-currency exchanges introducing a voucher-code replenishment system by paying off internal codes. Thus, you do not need to wait for long confirmations of the block-chain while making a transaction between the exchanges. Now you just need to create an internal exchange code for free, repay it inside iBTPAY for free as well, and then create a new code for the exchange you need and repay it again at a place you want to transfer your funds. Have you ever dreamed about it? So get a ready solution right now! We have already done everything for you and are ready to give you this unique opportunity!
Do you want to keep your privacy? No problem! We will send you a card that is not linked to a person. The card has the same functionality as a verified bank client does, the only difference is cash amount you can get from ATM. This is not a problem either since you connect up to five cards to your online office.
iBTPAY works all over the world and where MasterCard is accepted, you can pay with it in any terminal, get discounts from partners and collect bonuses!
Do you want to get verified? Can be done in two clicks with a passport scan and  an utility payment bill, as per commonly used approach to verification.
iBTPAY acts according to rules and regulations applicable for the EU jurisdictions. All funds available on your accounts are secured with a dedicate insurance. The on-line bank has comprehensive protection and is insured too.
Now you do not have to go through the difficulties of exchange from one currency to another by losing money due to intermediators. You get a ready-made universal product in which there are all the functions of the payment system and online bank. With us, converting alt currency into cash is becoming a simple and convenient process.


AltCoin Debit Card price

iBT Card

Order a debit card now

30 EUR

Bundle 2X iBT Card

When ordering two cards, regardless of the name of the holder, a saving of 10 EUR

50 EUR


Order cards are available until June 30th.

Only now two cards at a price of 50EUR
The standard price of one card is 30EUR
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